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Following are the terms and conditions you agree to when you place an order with EuroMeds One.


EuroMeds One is a Netherlands-based company with shipping facilities located in Spain, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. All legal matters are to be dealt with by the law of the Netherlands.

Operating Hours

EuroMeds One is a 24/7 365 pharmacy. That means the customers can place orders at any time. The customer support team, however, operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST). The standard operating hours are 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST at which time, the support team is live on the phone and on-site chat. However, the customers can leave a message at any time on the chat or send an email. We’ll reply at the soonest possible office hour. The phone number that appears on the top is also text message enabled so anyone can leave an SMS and we can call back.

Note: We do not operate on US national holidays.

Ordering Procedure

Customers can place an order anytime. If the medication is available, it’ll show on the site. After placing the order, the customer should receive a confirmation mail. The customer should expect a second mail with payment instructions within a few minutes.

A representative may also call or send a text message to verify or if there is an issue with the order or the shipping details. For the fastest service, we advise our customers to stand by the phone and not let it go to voice mail.

Upon confirmation of the payment, the order is then sent to the shipping team. They pack and ship to the shipping address provided by the customer on the order form. A tracking number for the shipment is then forwarded to the customer via email.

Should the customer request a phone update, the EuroMeds One Customer Support team can call and update the customer with the tracking number. Each time the order status changes, the customer is notified via automated email. Following are the different order statuses:

  • On Hold: This is the initial status. This means that we have received the order, and it is pending payment. At this point, for the customers who have placed the order for the first time, one of our voice agents may call to confirm that the customer is real and it is not a fake order.
  • Processing: This appears as the payment has been confirmed and the order is forwarded to the shipping team.
  • Shipped: This means that the order has been shipped, and the tracking number is available. The customer receives it via email. If the customer has a registered account with us, they can also log in and check the “Order History“. The latest updates will be there.
  • Completed: If all is well, and the tracker indicates that the shipment has been delivered, the order status changes to “Completed“.

The Need For a Valid Phone Number

Just like other online pharmacies, we deal with a lot of fake orders. Therefore, it is necessary for the customer to provide us with a valid phone number while registering an account or placing an order with EuroMeds One. Do not worry, we don’t share customer information with any other third parties.

By providing us with a phone number, the customer agrees that we reserve the right to call to verify if there is an actual person placing the order. The customer also agrees to receive text (SMS) updates regarding the order.

Our voice agents may also place a call to help process the payment. These calls should be placed during business hours, but can also be made (in some cases) during the weekends if the order or the payment processing is happening on the weekends.

We, therefore, recommend that the customer use a personal number or, better yet, a cell phone number rather than an office or public phone for safety and privacy.

An order may not be processed, and a customer account may be deactivated if the phone number is found to be invalid or no one ever answers the phone.

Note: Phone calls are done to verify new (First time) customers only. Our regular and repeat customers don’t have to go through this as they are already familiar with the process.

The Need for Prescription

At EuroMeds One, we always encourage customers to have a prescription although it is not a requirement to place an order. The way it is legal is that we are always in a different jurisdiction. When a US customer places an order, and the order is shipped from the Philippines, the difference in jurisdiction allows us to do so.

The rules in the Philippines are not the same as in the USA. At the same time, if a Filipino Customer orders a medication without a prescription, we either do not process the order or ship it from another facility such as Spain.

Cancellation and Deactivation

The customer has the right to cancel an order upon placing it. They can request it via email, phone, or by logging into the account and going to their order history.

Cancellation is also possible upon processing the payment and before the order has been shipped. We refund the money with a 10% deduction as the processing fee. Once the order has been shipped, no refunds can be claimed unless there is a problem with the shipment (See Refund and Reshipment section).

EuroMeds One also reserves the right to cancel an order and/or deactivate the customer account for the following reasons:

  • If we have reason to believe that the order is fake (Someone placed an order just to test and has no intention of processing the payment).
  • The customer is refusing to answer the phone calls made by our agents, or all calls are ending up in the voice mail.
  • The customer is refusing to reply to the email communications sent to them by EuroMeds One offering assistance with the payment process.
  • The customer files for a Credit Card Chargeback or a PayPal Dispute without consulting us or following our refund and reshipment procedures.
  • We welcome frequent communications from our customers and are happy to oblige, but if we realize that the customer is only doing it to badger our agents.
  • If the customer is threatening EuroMeds One and/or its personnel.

Refund and Reshipment

EuroMeds One strives to supply customers with the best quality products possible. However, we do not manufacture the medications. We acquire them from different suppliers.

Therefore, there are possibilities, however unlikely, that some suppliers provide us with a bad batch. Should that occur, and the customer finds the medications ineffective, EuroMeds One takes full responsibility and either reships the order or offers the customer a refund.

Refund and reshipment can also be offered if the customer receives the wrong medication. Following is the procedure to claim a refund or reshipment:

  • Take a picture of the package and the pills side by side and forward it to [email protected]. Make sure the tracking number on the package is visible.
  • Wait for our representative to call. The customer can also place a call after sending the email. If it is our office hours, we’ll answer the call right away.
  • We shall check the validity of the claim and refund or reship at the customer’s request.

Note: It is important to remember that if a batch of medication is found ineffective, there must be several other customers that would complain about the same medication. If so happens that only one customer complains while the other customers are satisfied with the same product, the claim is considered invalid. At least 3 complaints on the same product are considered valid claims.

Refund and Reshipment Due to Customs Seizures:

At EuroMeds One, we take pride in our shipping team. We pack and ship in such a way that the packages avoid customs detection (Scan). In order to do that, we follow the discreet packaging system that is we remove the medications from their original packaging (Blisters) and repack them in vacuum-sealed ziplock and wrap it in bubble wraps.

Yet, there is a possibility (0.2% of the time), that a package gets held by the customs. If that happens, EuroMeds One also offers reshipment or refund. The customer can email us with the tracking number and any other proof of seizure. We will verify if indeed the package has been seized and offer a refund or reshipment.

  • Refunding: Our first priority is to get the medications to the customer. If the package gets held by the customs, reshipment is the way to go. Yet, if indeed the customer wants a refund, we do so minus the shipping fee ($30.00 or $80.00). The refund is issued via the same method the customer paid us. (Paypal for PayPal, and Western Union for Western Union). Refunds are processed within 5 business days.
  • Reshipments: This is the main priority as we want to deliver the medications to our customers. If the customs holds the package, we recommend placing another order, and we will add the lost medications. This avoids significant loss of time and money both for the customer and the pharmacy. It’s also a good idea to change the shipping method especially Standard to Express. If reshipped exactly the same way, chances are the Customs will seize it again.

Invalid Claims (Refund and Reshipment)

Following are the cases where the request for free reshipment and refund is considered invalid:

  • If the package is seized by the customs and it is a Standard Shipment
  • If the package is seized by the customs wherein the customer insisted on receiving the medications in Blisters (Standard or Express). Medications in original blister packs make rattling noises and are prone to getting detected by scans.
  • Non-receipt of the package due to wrong shipping information provided by the customer (Address, Zip, Phone number, etc).
  • Non-receipt of the package due to the customer providing us with a different name that is not the customer’s own. If ever this happens that the customer is sending the medication to his/her family member or friends, it should be notified BEFORE, we ship. There is a “Note” section on the order form where customers can mention that the order is going to someone else.

Shipping Timeline

There are two types of shipping available. 

  • Standard Shipping: Takes 10-12 business days and costs $30.00
  • Express Shipping: Takes 5-6 business days and costs $80.00

The timeline is based on the time it takes for the package to arrive in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Sn. Fransisco, Austin, Dallas, Toronto, Ontario, and Quebec in North America. London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Amsterdam in Europe. Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth in the Asia Pacific.

Note: If you are a resident of other cities and towns, expect delivery within the same period or it may take an additional day or two.

Note: Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and irregular flight schedules, you may expect delays on the delivery time. We apologize in advance.

Payment Options and Discounts

EuroMeds One has a wide array of payment options available. The customer can choose to pay using their debit or credit cards, and PayPal. These are the two options most preferred. However, just like any other online pharmacy, EuroMeds One prefers Alternative Payment Methods.

Paypal or any other normal credit card merchants consider online pharmacy to be a “High Risk” business (Similar to online gambling, betting sites, and porn). They bombard us to supply them with numerous requirements and documentation before they release the money.

As most of the online pharmacy customers don’t have prescriptions, this puts us in a very uncomfortable position. Customers generally expect their shipments right after they have made the payment, but they don’t realize that we may have to wait for a month or more to get the money.

However, we do accept Credit Card and PayPal payments given that the customers agree to these terms:

  • All PayPal and Credit Card customers Should have a valid prescription. It is not a requirement, but good to have.
  • All PayPal and Credit Card customers agree that they are okay if EuroMeds One shares the tracking number of the package with PayPal or the Credit Card Merchant in order to have them release the money to us (It may be required but we don’t disclose the content of the package).
  • We generally avoid providing them with shipping information by marking the transactions as “Service” and not a “Product“. PayPal or the Credit Card merchant may ask the customer to verify it via email. If so, All PayPal and Credit Card customers agree that they will reply in the positive.
  • All PayPal and Credit Card customers agree that if the money is on-hold, EuroMeds One won’t be able to ship the order until the money is released. We can’t ship on credit. See “Preferred Payment Methods” for Online Pharmacies for details.
  • All PayPal and Credit Card customers agree that if ever they are unsatisfied with our products and services, they will follow our Refund and Reshipment procedures and, will not file a “Chargeback” or “Dispute” with their credit card company or PayPal. If a chargeback or dispute is filed, we have to reveal to the credit card merchant or PayPal the content of the package. If a customer files for a chargeback without going through our refund and reshipment policies, we reserve the right to deactivate the customer account and ban forever on our site and all the other affiliate sites of EuroMeds One.

Alternative payment options, on the other hand, are safe and secure. These allow the customers to pay anonymously and allow us to collect the payments faster (Within 24 hours). We actually prioritize those who pay via alternative payment options since we are more interested in establishing long-lasting business relations with them. All alternative payment options can be processed with credit cards, so those who want to use their cards can do so.

Additionally, all alternative payment options come with a 15% discount as we appreciate the customers’ extra effort to get us the payment fast. The following are the alternative payment options and discounts:

  • Western Union (15% Discount): Western Union can be processed from home with credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. It can also be processed cash at a Western Union location. We send a very easy-to-follow instruction mail on how to process it.
  • Moneygram (15% Discount): Moneygram is also the same as Western Union and can be processed from home. You can also process it at a Moneygram agent location or Walmart branches. We send a very easy-to-follow instruction mail on how to process it.
  • Bitcoin/ Cash App (15% Discount): Bitcoin is probably one of the best options available. Those who do not know how to use Bitcoin (BTC) can request information from Euromeds One Customer Support. You can also read our article “How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet” for a step-by-step guide on BTC.

If you are unsure what payment method is the best for you, you can read our Blog Article:

Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies

You will have a complete understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods and will be able to make an informed decision on which method is ideal for you.


Upon receiving the order, the customer is solely responsible for the storage of the medication. The customer should always be aware of the local laws regarding prescription medications. We encourage the customers to transfer the medications to an unmarked container to avoid trouble. In the event that someone is caught by the local law enforcement with medications without a prescription, EuroMeds One accepts no liabilities.

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