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Are you looking to buy Ambien online? You have come to the right place. At EuroMeds One, we have quality Ambien at affordable prices. You can order Zolpidem with or without a prescription from the safety of your home. We also have a stock of Stilnox, which is a higher brand. The information you provide remains safe, and we do not share it with any third parties.

Delivery and Shipment

We ship discreetly and in a timely fashion. After you have placed an order and processed the payment, we ship within 24 hours. We also provide you with a tracking number so that you can track the package on your own.


Note: Orders placed close to or during the weekend (Late Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) are shipped the next working day. The same goes for National Holidays.

We ship worldwide to about 85 countries. The majority of our customers are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and France. We are in collaboration with USPS, Express Mail Service (EMS), Royal Mail (UK), Parcel Force (UK), and many other carriers.

Delivery time depends on where you are located, but as per our USA and UK delivery experience:

  • Standard Shipment ($30.00): Takes 10-12 days
  • Express Shipment ($80.00): Takes 4-6 days

Since we are an international online pharmacy and packages come from overseas, we cannot offer overnight delivery at this time.

Accepted Payment Methods:

We accept all mainstream payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal. We also accept some Alternative Payment Methods (APM) such as Bitcoin (BTC), Western Union (WU), and MoneyGram (MG). US and UK customers can also use Cash.App Bitcoin function.


A lot of our customers often do not have prescriptions so they prefer the APMs. They are much safer and have a lot less paper trail. Alternative Payment Methods have some transfer charges. Therefore, we offer a 15% discount on all APMs that will more than cover for the charges. You will also save some money.

(You can also visit our Promo Page for more discount options.)

If you don’t know how to process an APM, there is also nothing to worry about. We’ll send a step-by-step guide on how to process the payment once you have placed an order.

Note: If you are not sure which payment method is right for you, please read our blog article Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies”. You will learn all the advantages and disadvantages of different payment options and can make an informed decision on which method is suitable for you.

To learn more about Ambien (Zolpidem), please continue on to our Ambien FAQ section.

Ambien FAQ

What is Ambien?

The generic name of Ambien is Zolpidem. It is a non-benzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic that helps people fall asleep. It also helps people stay asleep for a long time. Therefore, Zolpidem is an ideal treatment for insomnia and several other sleep-related issues. Ambien can also be used as a stress reliever.

The brand name ‘Ambien’ belongs to Sanofi Aventis, USA. We also have a stock of Stilnox and the brand belongs to Sanofi.

What is Ambien used for?

Doctors prescribe Ambien for many reasons. The primary use is to treat insomnia. Insomnia is a condition where a person has a hard time falling asleep. We all sometimes suffer from sleeplessness, but if it happens constantly or very often, we can conclude that you have insomnia and it needs to be treated medically.

You know you have insomnia if you have a hard time falling asleep even if you are tired. It may happen for apparently no reason at all or you have some sort of stress or anxiety-related disorder. If a doctor determines that, he/she may prescribe Ambien.

It is important to remember that Ambien is a short-term solution. It should not be administered for more than 14 days (2 Weeks). Additionally, do not take Zolpidem if you don’t have the time to sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Waking up in the middle of the sleep cycle can be a problem.

What are the Side Effects of Ambien?

All medications come with some side effects. Ambien is no exception. If you are using it for the first time, it may take a day or two for your body to adjust to the medication. In the beginning, you may feel the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Blur Vision
  • Lack of coordination
  • Laziness

They are all normal as Zolpidem is a sleeping pill. In the beginning, you may also feel these effects after waking up. In a few days, if you have the time and do sleep for 7-8 hours after taking Ambien, you will begin to feel normal.

Severe Side Effects:

These happen if you have been using Ambien for a very long time continuously (Not advisable). Severe side effects include:

  • Weakness or Fatigue
  • Insomnia (If the body starts to develop tolerance)
  • Lack of Muscle Coordination (Having difficulty walking in a straight line)
  • Mood Swings/ Anxiety/ Depression
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Loss of Vision (Blur Vision)
  • Addiction

Immediately seek medical assistance if you experience any of those.

What are the Available Dosages of Ambien?

Ambien dosages are very limited. There is only a 1mg and a 2mg version. They are all tablets. The 1mg version is rare as the 2mg version can be found in long tablet form and can be evenly broken in half to make a 1mg dose.

Young adults and adults in the very beginning can try 1mg. At EuroMeds One, we have a stock of Ambien 2mg and Stilnox 2mg as they are the most prescribed for adults.

Is it Safe to Order Ambien Online?

In short, yes. If you have found a reliable online pharmacy, it is always safe to order Ambien online. Just be sure the check the pharmacy out thoroughly before you place an order. Unfortunately, there are lots of online pharmacies that are fake.

Please refer to the article ‘How to Spot a Fake Online Pharmacy’ on Emedz Solution.

Why Buy Ambien Online?

You buy Ambien online for the same reason you buy anything online- they are a lot cheaper. Also, since we are an international pharmacy, we don’t require a prescription. Also, you can safely order Ambien online from home and have it delivered without any headache.

What is Your Quality Assurance?

At EuroMeds One, we are proud of the quality of the medications. We do not manufacture them, but our suppliers are reliable. However, one thing is true for all the online pharmacies- we want to keep the prices down.

We generally procure the medications from pharmaceutical companies who also have manufacturing plants in Asian countries where the labor costs and prices of raw materials are cheaper.

Say you want to buy Ambien online and the original company is Sanofi. They also have manufacturing plants in the Philippines. Same company, same formula, but the prices of Ambien is far cheaper in the Philippines.

If we have branded Ambien in stock, you will see it in the product description. You can also see the pictures. All our pictures are taken at our storage facilities so what you see is what you get.

If it’s generic Zolpidem, you will also see it in the description, and the prices will be lower. Yet, generic or not, you shall still have quality Ambien.

What is Discreet Packaging?

A discreet packaging system is a method we use to avoid the Customs’ detection. Millions of international packages arrive in a country on a daily basis. The Customs doesn’t have the time to open and check them all so they use a scanner. It’s designed to identify the blister packs of the medications. Blisters also make a rattling sound when shaken.

Therefore, we remove the medications from their original blisters, repack them in vacuum-sealed ziplock, and wrap them in anti-scan papers. The packages appear as a ‘Thick Document’, and nothing more.

Will I Get in Trouble with the Law Enforcement?

It is always important to be aware of the local laws regarding prescription medications. That’s why, although not required, we encourage our customers to have prescriptions. Yet, we understand how healthcare systems in many countries have become extremely bureaucratic.

A lot of people don’t always have the proper insurance and prescriptions. That’s why we are in business and are eager to help those in need.

We will make sure that the packages arrive safely at your doorstep. Once you have the medications, keep them safe in unmarked containers or containers marked with some over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen.

How is This Legit without Prescriptions?

Legality is a matter of jurisdiction. EuroMeds One is an international pharmacy, so when you order from us, we are outside the jurisdiction of your country.

For example, you are a US citizen visiting Spain and get sick. You go to a Spanish doctor and get a prescription and the medications. Then you travel back to the USA. The prescription issued by the Spanish doctor is now invalid because the doctor is not licensed by the American Medical Board. However, the medications are not illegal.

We make sure that the medications don’t come from the same country that the customer is ordering from. That makes it legal. That’s also the reason why we can’t offer overnight delivery.

If you find a pharmacy that offers overnight delivery such as US-to-US or UK-to-UK without requiring prescriptions, that is definitely an illegal online pharmacy.

Can I Get a Refund if I Don’t Like Your Products or Services?

Yes, if ever you are unsatisfied with our products or services, we have refund or reshipment options. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for details.

What Customer Support System do you have in Place?


We have a world-class Customer Support System (CS Team) at your service. They can provide support for any inquiries ranging from product information, tracking of shipments, to live assistance with the payment processing.

You can Call/SMS to the number provided above or use the Live Chat function on the site. For email assistance, please scroll down to our Contact Form.


Here are a couple of things you should take into account if you are ordering Ambien online:

  • If your doctor prescribes Ambien, be sure to let them know your medical history, especially if you have substance abuse issues in the past.
  • Pregnant women should not take it at all as the fetus’ heartbeat may slow down too much.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should also take it upon consultation with a doctor. Zolpidem passes through breast milk and may affect the infant.
  • Zolpidem is a Schedule IV controlled substance in the USA, which means it has a  potential for abuse and addiction, and you need a prescription when you order Ambien from a regular pharmacy.
  • Do not take Ambien together with other upper drugs like cocaine. Avoid drinking coffee as well.
  • Take one Ambien 2mg pill a day an hour before bedtime and make sure you have the time to sleep. Also, advise family members not to wake you up until you have had a full 8-hour sleep.
  • There is very little possibility of overdose (OD). However, if that happens, the person should be brought to the hospital immediately. Home treatment includes forcing the person to drink a lot of water and induce vomiting by inserting a finger into his/her throat. This flushes out the excess drug remaining in the digestive system.

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