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Do Crypto Easily with PaxFul

Those who order medications online without prescriptions are aware that the payment procedures are always a difficult thing. Yet, EuroMeds One has always been open and informative to our customers.

In our Blog section, we have articles like “Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies” where we explain the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods.

We also have an article called “How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet” so that you can easily understand the use of Cryptocurrencies and can make payments with them. From those articles, you would understand why Crypto is always a favorite.

In this article, we’ll discuss an easy-to-use multinational crypto trading platform called PaxFul. We’ll demonstrate how easily you can set up, buy, and send Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrencies no matter which country you are in. Let’s get to it.

Why PaxFul?

You can read our article “How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet” for details, but you don’t really have to. The reason PaxFul became popular is that it is a lot easier to set up. While some other Crypto apps take a long time to verify identity and stuff, PaxFul takes less than an hour.

As a matter of fact, you can start right away upon registration with a limit of 10,000.00 USD (Upon Verification of Phone and Email). That means, even if you are not fully verified, you can buy, sell, and send up to 10,000.00 Dollars. After that, your limit will run out and you have to verify an ID, which takes less than an hour.

You can either choose to log in via Laptop or Desktop directly to their website or download the App on your phone for easier transactions. The best thing is, you can use any e-Wallet app like Cash.App or even your online bank app to do all your transactions.

Most importantly, you only have to pay when you are sure. Say you are buying BitCoins and decide to pay using your bank app. The seller will first send the BTC to your wallet. Only when you see it credited, do you release your money. The same goes when you are selling. The BTC will be held in escrow until the buyer pays directly to your bank account or e-Wallet. When you see the money, you release your coins.

Lastly, they have moderators who observe all the internal transactions so you don’t have to worry about frauds and scams. Any problem with your transaction and a moderator will be available to resolve the issue.

What Should I Know?

Again, you may read our article “How to Set Up a BitCoin Wallet” or “Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies” to learn the basics of CryptoCurrencies, but you don’t have to.

In short, paying with Crypto is simple. Instead of paying for things using cash or credit cards, you buy some Crypto like Bitcoin with your money and then you are free to send the coins to anyone in the world who has a Crypto Wallet.

PaxFul will give you 3 wallets- 1 for BitCoin (BTC), 1 for Ethereum (ETH), and 1 for USDT (Tether).

BTC is the oldest and most used crypto. Ethereum is a new one but equally popular, and USDT (US Dollar Tether) was designed to stay at a 1:1 ratio with US Dollar. EuroMeds One will soon start to accept USDT because, unlike the other currencies, the value of USDT does not fluctuate. 1 USDT is always equal to $1.00 USD.

How to Begin

1. First, click this link using your phone or computer: PaxFul Home

If you are using your phone, download the App and it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

2. Secondly, fill up the registration form with your name, email, and phone number. Upon verification, you will be able to log in. At this point, you can also verify your ID and address by uploading an ID picture and a utility bill (Electric, water, phone bill) document that shows your current address. But you don’t have to right away. It can wait.

You will come to your home screen that looks like this: (It’ll automatically choose your basic currency USD, CAD, AUD, or GBP based on your location, but you can also change it manually from your profile settings.

Paxful home

3. Go to your wallet (at the bottom) to see your balances (At this point, all your 3 wallets will show zero balance).

If you have placed an order with EuroMeds One and the order value is $200, we’ll send you a BTC value and our wallet address for that. Say the BTC value is 0.00743 BTC.

4. Click the Buy button at the top left and it will bring you to a list of traders online who are selling BTC.

paxful Buy Buttonpaxful Market plcae








5. Check their rates. Usually, currency traders buy lower than the market price and sell higher. That’s how they make money. However, there are also buyers who buy a bit higher and sell low. If you can find one, great.

Even if you can’t find a seller like that, it’s okay. We give you a 15% discount for that reason. It should more than cover for the additional charges.

6. Select a seller and fill up the form that says BTC and the amount 0.00743. You will also see the converted USD, GBP, CAD, or AUD amount for that amount of BTC so you will know how much you are paying.

7. Continue and fill out how you would like to pay (bank app, bank account, credit card, or e-Wallet app).

8. The seller will transfer the BTC to your wallet and mark “Paid” you will be able to see it. Transfer your money to the seller’s instructed account and it’s done. If any problem occurs, draw the attention of a Moderator and follow the moderator’s instructions.

9. Once you have the BTC in your wallet, go to your wallet and click “Send”. Input the amount of BTC and our wallet address and press send.

paxful send

If you want to buy more and keep some Crypto in your wallet so that you can use it later, buy USDT. It does not fluctuate like BTC or ETH. If you need to pay for your future transactions, you can let us know that you will pay with USDT and we’ll send you our USDT wallet address.

If you still want to transact in BTC, you can convert your USDT to BTC and Vice Versa at any time. Just remember one thing. Do not cross send– that is send BTC to a USDT wallet or USDT to a BTC wallet.

There you are. You can now use PaxFul easily and make some friends in the process. I have seen that the traders on that platform regularly exchange money and become friends. They can also teach you how to make money using Crypto. Why not?

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