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What Makes EuroMeds One the Best Online Pharmacy?

It’s not us, but EuroMeds One has been selected by  E-Medz Solution, a medical journalism site, to be the #1  online pharmacy for 2021. You can find the article here “5 Best Online Pharmacies 2021“. Why have they chosen us? Here are a couple of the qualities that make us the best online pharmacy in the world.

Awesome Customer Support

Customer Support-EuroMeds One

This is the first thing we are proud of. Our support team is awesome. Only excellent communicators are hired to do the job.  We check them for their ability in both verbal and written English. We then train them for almost a month on different aspects of the mediations we sell, the type of customers we have, and most importantly, how to process the payments. You’ve got to admit, the payment processing for online pharmacies can be difficult. each of our customer support agents has been trained to assist you live, either via phone or chat, to walk you through even the most difficult of the payment processes. Read our article about the preferred payment methods.

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Valium 10mg

This is the only thing that matters. After all, what good is customer support if the products are no good? We make sure they are. Just like any other international online pharmacies, we procure the medications from different countries to keep the prices down, but we do not get them from unknown manufacturers. Say you would like to order Adderall. The most popular Adderall is manufactured by CorePhrama in the USA. We don’t necessarily get it from the USA, where the price is very high. We do, however, get it from the CorePharma manufacturing plant in Vietnam- the same company, the same formula, the same quality at a lower price.


We don’t lie to our customers. Ask us anything and you will get an honest answer. Even the medication pictures on our site are not copied or photoshopped. They were taken at the storage facility so what you see is what you get. It will never be that we show one picture and deliver a completely different product.

As a matter of fact, it is we who provided with E-Meds Solution Journalists with our product picture so that they can identify the fake pharmacies. They recently wrote a huge article “How to Spot a Fake Online Pharmacy“- very interesting read.

Variety of Communication Channels

We have made it so so that our customers can communicate with us through multiple channels. We have a chat applet on the site which is the easiest way to reach us. Customers can also email, and we get back to them as soon as possible. Our phone number is SMS (text) enabled so the customers can either call or text at their convenience. Most illegal pharmacies won’t do that. Why? Their intention is to take your money and run away. Therefore, they only communicate with you via emails and block you after. We can’t hide from our customers. If we do not deliver quality medications, a customer can continuously ring our phone until someone answers. besides, we don’t want to hide. We have no reason to do so.

Still Don’t Trust Us?

If it is your first time ordering with EuroMeds One, we understand the hesitation. You may have been burned by many fake pharmacies, and are in desperate need of the right medications. You would like to make sure that we are genuine. That’s alright. Our recommendation is that you place a small order first. Pay with Credit Card or PayPal where your money is protected. If we fail to meet your expectations, you can file a chargeback or a dispute with PayPal and get your money back.


But if we do deliver to your satisfaction, you can place a large order next time and pay with Western Union or Moneygram to get the 15% discount that we offer for using Alternative Payment Methods. Why do we do this? Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin payments are a lot safer for customers without prescriptions. Check out our article “Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies“.

How many fake pharmacies would recommend this?-None. They would like you to place a huge order on the first go and would insist that you pay using Western Union, MoneyGram, or Bitcoin. Why? With these methods, you can never get your money back. Our main interest lies in long-term relations with our customers so we are happy to process small orders with PayPal at first.


The last thing that makes us a genuinely legit and honest pharmacy is that we have a Blog, and we have relevant articles to help our customers. How many fake pharmacies have it? – None. We intend to stay in this business long and help our customers the best way we can, and that goal is what makes us the best online pharmacy in the world. We hope we have the pleasure of continuing to serve you.


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