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Wise- A New and Exciting way to Pay

Wise Logo

In our attempts to make payments easier for our customers, we are on the continuous lookout for new ways. That’s why we are introducing Wise, formerly known as Transfer Wise.

It is an online payment system like no other- virtually without limit and versatile in its use of currencies. It’s time you take advantage of this system and pay for your medications with ease.

At EuroMeds One, we’ll consider Wise payments as an Alternative Payment Method (APM). Therefore, customers using it will enjoy the same 15% discount as those who use Western Union, MoneyGram, or Bitcoin.

The Advantages of Wise

There are tons of advantages. The truth is, since it is also a new system for us, we haven’t figured out all the functions yet. Here are the advantages we have found so far:

Send Money

You can send money to anyone in any country with a very low transfer fee. It’s really cheap. Funny thing is, the receiver doesn’t even need a Wise account. You can transfer to anyone with a bank account or an eWallet app. Wise supports 50 currencies.

And of course, if the receiver has a Wise account, all you need is his/her Wise registered email address and can send money in 2-3 clicks.

Receive Money

You can also receive money using your Wise account. Your wise account can be used as an eWallet so a sender with a Wise account can send money directly to your Wise. Just give him your Wise Registered email address.

It can also be used as a bank account. Your wise account comes with a SWIFT and an IBAN code so anyone can make an international bank transfer to your Wise, and you can then download the money to your own bank account or eWallet.

Wise Card

It is not available in all countries, but the citizens of the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and France can apply for a Wise card, a debit card that can be used for grocery payments, online purchases, and withdrawal of cash from ATMs.

This makes Wise a fully fledged real bank account.

Multiple Currencies

The multi-currency option is a handy one. When you first open an account, you shall have one account with your local currency. After that, you can add currencies. For example, an Australian will first have an account with AUD. But if you have business partners in the USA, why not add a USD account? Then you can send a receive money in USD with ease.

You can also convert from one currency to another with a few clicks. So unlike a local bank, Wise is a bank account where you can save your money in different currencies.

Of course, we know you’d like to get started and pay for your medication so let’s begin.

Creating an Account

  • If you are an Android or iPhone user, you can just type ‘wise‘ and download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you are a traditional Desktop user, simply go to
  • Click the ‘Register‘ button. You can input your preferred email or use Google, Facebook, or Apple account to register.
  • Next on the screen is the account type: Personal or Business. Unless you want to give out your business information, you should just open a personal account first. You can upgrade it to a business account later if you feel that Wise will be a great addition to your business.
  • Next is your country. It’ll open the first default currency account- USD for the USA, AUD for Australia, and GBP for the UK people.
  • Following is a 2FA, which requires your phone number. An SMS with an OTP code will be sent and you will verify your phone number.
  • Set your password and done.
  • If you are using the phone App to register, you will also be required to set a simple pin so that you don’t have to type in your email and password every time you log in.

The registration is now complete. You will not be asked to verify your identity until you have decided to transfer or add money to your account.

Adding Money

The next phase will be to Add (Upload money to your Wise account).

Click on your local currency and you will see the options to Add, Send, Receive and convert money. We are guessing that you will first have only one currency (local) and your balance will be zero.

Click the Add button, and the amount you want to add to your balance. You will be given the option to pay with a credit card or with your bank account. Bank account payments may take longer (2-3 days) to be credited. Credit/Debit card is instant. You will see your balance right away.

Before sending money for the first time, you will be required to put in your Name, Address, and a picture of your ID.

People using the phone app can take pictures directly. For those who are using a Desktop, a QR code will appear. Scan the QR with your phone and use the phone to take the ID pictures.

Verification takes less than 10 minutes. A confirmation that you are verified and are now able to send money will be sent via email.

How to Transfer Money

As mentioned before, you can send money to anyone with or without a Wise account.

  • Click Send and choose the country and currency you want to send the money to. It can be in your own country, in which case, choose ‘Same Currency’.
  • If the receiver has a wise account, simply put the email address, and Wise will recognize it.
  • If the receiver doesn’t have a Wise account and wants to receive in his/her bank account, you will need the following details: Full Name, Address, Phone (optional), Email (optional), bank name,  account number, and currency.

Always choose the receiver’s local currency. For example, if an America is sending money to an Australian, the receiver currency should be AUD. Wise will automatically convert it.

If the receiver doesn’t have a Wise Account and wants to receive in his/her eWallet such as CashApp, you need the same information as above, but only instead of the bank account number, use the eWallet account number.

How to Pay for Medications at EuroMeds One

We know you are eager to process the payments for your medications so we’ll get to it right now.

We have already created a Wise account to make things easy for you because Wise-to-Wise transfer is fast. Let us know when you are ready to transfer and we’ll send you a Wise payment link.

You will see the receiver’s name, order number, and amount.

If you are using a phone which has a Wise app installed, clicking the link will directly prompt the app to open and you can confirm your payment and transfer within seconds.

If you are using a Desktop, it’ll show you two options- Pay with a bank account and Pay with Wise. Since you are already a Wise user, you can choose to pay with Wise.

(Again, bank transfers take time.)

How to Receive Money Using Wise

There are two ways to receive money.

  1. The First one is simple and applicable if the sender has a wise account. Just send him your wise registered email and the amount you would like to receive.
  2. Go to your preferred currency wallet and click “Receive”. Input the amount you would like to receive and a message or reason for the money. Create a payment link and share it with your sender. The sender then will have the option to either send via his Wise or Bank account.

The Takeaways

As we discover more about Wise, we shall update this article and make it into a proper Step-by-Step guide with images and visuals. Look forward to that.

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Do Crypto Easily with PaxFul

paxful cover

Those who order medications online without prescriptions are aware that the payment procedures are always a difficult thing. Yet, EuroMeds One has always been open and informative to our customers.

In our Blog section, we have articles like “Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies” where we explain the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods.

We also have an article called “How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet” so that you can easily understand the use of Cryptocurrencies and can make payments with them. From those articles, you would understand why Crypto is always a favorite.

In this article, we’ll discuss an easy-to-use multinational crypto trading platform called PaxFul. We’ll demonstrate how easily you can set up, buy, and send Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrencies no matter which country you are in. Let’s get to it.

Why PaxFul?

You can read our article “How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet” for details, but you don’t really have to. The reason PaxFul became popular is that it is a lot easier to set up. While some other Crypto apps take a long time to verify identity and stuff, PaxFul takes less than an hour.

As a matter of fact, you can start right away upon registration with a limit of 10,000.00 USD (Upon Verification of Phone and Email). That means, even if you are not fully verified, you can buy, sell, and send up to 10,000.00 Dollars. After that, your limit will run out and you have to verify an ID, which takes less than an hour.

You can either choose to log in via Laptop or Desktop directly to their website or download the App on your phone for easier transactions. The best thing is, you can use any e-Wallet app like Cash.App or even your online bank app to do all your transactions.

Most importantly, you only have to pay when you are sure. Say you are buying BitCoins and decide to pay using your bank app. The seller will first send the BTC to your wallet. Only when you see it credited, do you release your money. The same goes when you are selling. The BTC will be held in escrow until the buyer pays directly to your bank account or e-Wallet. When you see the money, you release your coins.

Lastly, they have moderators who observe all the internal transactions so you don’t have to worry about frauds and scams. Any problem with your transaction and a moderator will be available to resolve the issue.

What Should I Know?

Again, you may read our article “How to Set Up a BitCoin Wallet” or “Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies” to learn the basics of CryptoCurrencies, but you don’t have to.

In short, paying with Crypto is simple. Instead of paying for things using cash or credit cards, you buy some Crypto like Bitcoin with your money and then you are free to send the coins to anyone in the world who has a Crypto Wallet.

PaxFul will give you 3 wallets- 1 for BitCoin (BTC), 1 for Ethereum (ETH), and 1 for USDT (Tether).

BTC is the oldest and most used crypto. Ethereum is a new one but equally popular, and USDT (US Dollar Tether) was designed to stay at a 1:1 ratio with US Dollar. EuroMeds One will soon start to accept USDT because, unlike the other currencies, the value of USDT does not fluctuate. 1 USDT is always equal to $1.00 USD.

How to Begin

1. First, click this link using your phone or computer: PaxFul Home

If you are using your phone, download the App and it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

2. Secondly, fill up the registration form with your name, email, and phone number. Upon verification, you will be able to log in. At this point, you can also verify your ID and address by uploading an ID picture and a utility bill (Electric, water, phone bill) document that shows your current address. But you don’t have to right away. It can wait.

You will come to your home screen that looks like this: (It’ll automatically choose your basic currency USD, CAD, AUD, or GBP based on your location, but you can also change it manually from your profile settings.

Paxful home

3. Go to your wallet (at the bottom) to see your balances (At this point, all your 3 wallets will show zero balance).

If you have placed an order with EuroMeds One and the order value is $200, we’ll send you a BTC value and our wallet address for that. Say the BTC value is 0.00743 BTC.

4. Click the Buy button at the top left and it will bring you to a list of traders online who are selling BTC.

paxful Buy Buttonpaxful Market plcae








5. Check their rates. Usually, currency traders buy lower than the market price and sell higher. That’s how they make money. However, there are also buyers who buy a bit higher and sell low. If you can find one, great.

Even if you can’t find a seller like that, it’s okay. We give you a 15% discount for that reason. It should more than cover for the additional charges.

6. Select a seller and fill up the form that says BTC and the amount 0.00743. You will also see the converted USD, GBP, CAD, or AUD amount for that amount of BTC so you will know how much you are paying.

7. Continue and fill out how you would like to pay (bank app, bank account, credit card, or e-Wallet app).

8. The seller will transfer the BTC to your wallet and mark “Paid” you will be able to see it. Transfer your money to the seller’s instructed account and it’s done. If any problem occurs, draw the attention of a Moderator and follow the moderator’s instructions.

9. Once you have the BTC in your wallet, go to your wallet and click “Send”. Input the amount of BTC and our wallet address and press send.

paxful send

If you want to buy more and keep some Crypto in your wallet so that you can use it later, buy USDT. It does not fluctuate like BTC or ETH. If you need to pay for your future transactions, you can let us know that you will pay with USDT and we’ll send you our USDT wallet address.

If you still want to transact in BTC, you can convert your USDT to BTC and Vice Versa at any time. Just remember one thing. Do not cross send– that is send BTC to a USDT wallet or USDT to a BTC wallet.

There you are. You can now use PaxFul easily and make some friends in the process. I have seen that the traders on that platform regularly exchange money and become friends. They can also teach you how to make money using Crypto. Why not?

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What Makes EuroMeds One the Best Online Pharmacy?

best online pharmacy

It’s not us, but EuroMeds One has been selected by  E-Medz Solution, a medical journalism site, to be the #1  online pharmacy for 2021. You can find the article here “5 Best Online Pharmacies 2021“. Why have they chosen us? Here are a couple of the qualities that make us the best online pharmacy in the world.

Awesome Customer Support

Customer Support-EuroMeds One

This is the first thing we are proud of. Our support team is awesome. Only excellent communicators are hired to do the job.  We check them for their ability in both verbal and written English. We then train them for almost a month on different aspects of the mediations we sell, the type of customers we have, and most importantly, how to process the payments. You’ve got to admit, the payment processing for online pharmacies can be difficult. each of our customer support agents has been trained to assist you live, either via phone or chat, to walk you through even the most difficult of the payment processes. Read our article about the preferred payment methods.

Related: Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies


Valium 10mg

This is the only thing that matters. After all, what good is customer support if the products are no good? We make sure they are. Just like any other international online pharmacies, we procure the medications from different countries to keep the prices down, but we do not get them from unknown manufacturers. Say you would like to order Adderall. The most popular Adderall is manufactured by CorePhrama in the USA. We don’t necessarily get it from the USA, where the price is very high. We do, however, get it from the CorePharma manufacturing plant in Vietnam- the same company, the same formula, the same quality at a lower price.


We don’t lie to our customers. Ask us anything and you will get an honest answer. Even the medication pictures on our site are not copied or photoshopped. They were taken at the storage facility so what you see is what you get. It will never be that we show one picture and deliver a completely different product.

As a matter of fact, it is we who provided with E-Meds Solution Journalists with our product picture so that they can identify the fake pharmacies. They recently wrote a huge article “How to Spot a Fake Online Pharmacy“- very interesting read.

Variety of Communication Channels

We have made it so so that our customers can communicate with us through multiple channels. We have a chat applet on the site which is the easiest way to reach us. Customers can also email, and we get back to them as soon as possible. Our phone number is SMS (text) enabled so the customers can either call or text at their convenience. Most illegal pharmacies won’t do that. Why? Their intention is to take your money and run away. Therefore, they only communicate with you via emails and block you after. We can’t hide from our customers. If we do not deliver quality medications, a customer can continuously ring our phone until someone answers. besides, we don’t want to hide. We have no reason to do so.

Still Don’t Trust Us?

If it is your first time ordering with EuroMeds One, we understand the hesitation. You may have been burned by many fake pharmacies, and are in desperate need of the right medications. You would like to make sure that we are genuine. That’s alright. Our recommendation is that you place a small order first. Pay with Credit Card or PayPal where your money is protected. If we fail to meet your expectations, you can file a chargeback or a dispute with PayPal and get your money back.


But if we do deliver to your satisfaction, you can place a large order next time and pay with Western Union or Moneygram to get the 15% discount that we offer for using Alternative Payment Methods. Why do we do this? Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin payments are a lot safer for customers without prescriptions. Check out our article “Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies“.

How many fake pharmacies would recommend this?-None. They would like you to place a huge order on the first go and would insist that you pay using Western Union, MoneyGram, or Bitcoin. Why? With these methods, you can never get your money back. Our main interest lies in long-term relations with our customers so we are happy to process small orders with PayPal at first.


The last thing that makes us a genuinely legit and honest pharmacy is that we have a Blog, and we have relevant articles to help our customers. How many fake pharmacies have it? – None. We intend to stay in this business long and help our customers the best way we can, and that goal is what makes us the best online pharmacy in the world. We hope we have the pleasure of continuing to serve you.


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Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies

Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies

Those who regularly buy medications online would probably know that paying for medications can be a little different. It isn’t exactly the same as other online stores. Normally, what you do is “check out“, and choose “credit card” as your payment method, and it brings you to the payment page where you input your credit card info and press “Pay Now” and be done with it.

Online pharmacies can’t operate that way. One of the biggest reasons is that most of our customers don’t have prescriptions. We perfectly understand it and try our best to serve our customers knowing that they really need the medications.

That’s why online pharmacies prefer Alternative Payment Methods (APM) such as Bitcoin, Wise, Western Union, Moneygram, etc. However, most customers feel discouraged by these methods and want to know why they can’t just pay using their credit cards.

Believe us, we, the online pharmacies, also feel the pain. If we could, we would make the payment process easy for you. We simply can’t do it. When purchasing prescription medications without prescriptions, the less the paper trail, the better.

However, we can offer an explanation on which payment methods are preferable. AT EuroMeds One, we try to be as clear and honest as possible. In this article, we’ll take a look at both the customer’s and the pharmacy’s points of view so that we have a better understanding.

Following is a list of payment methods that have been organized from the best to the worst. We have also divided them into two main categories: Alternative Payment Methods (APM) and Mainstream Payment Methods (MPM)

Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

[1. Bitcoin or BTC] [2. Wise/ Bank Transfer] [3. Moneygram] [4. Western Union]

1. Bitcoin or BTC


Bitcoin (BTC) is the number one choice. From the pharmacy point of view, we prefer it the most because Bitcoin has virtually no restrictions. It’s easy to pay and easy to receive. It takes about 10 minutes for us to receive the money, and we can process unlimited orders fast with Bitcoin.

On the customer side, the only hassle is to set up the BTC wallet first. Once you have done it, you shouldn’t have problems anymore. The more you use it, the better it’ll get.

Yet, we know that a lot of our customers don’t know how to use BTC, so we have a completely separate article “How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet”. You may check it out. It is the safest for both the customers and the pharmacy, especially if the customer has no prescription.

That’s why Bitcoin ranks number one on our list and we offer a 15% discount for processing payments via Bitcoin. If you choose Bitcoin as your payment method, we’ll send you an email with our BTC wallet address and the amount in BTC, and you can send the money to us from your wallet with a few clicks.

Note: US and Canadian customers who use Cash.App can now easily transfer BTC. Just watch the video below:

2. Wise/ Bank Transfer

Wise Logo

Formerly known as Transfer Wise, Wise is a new payment method in our arsenal. It has already gotten second place because of its simplicity. It is so easy to use that once you have learned it, you won’t pay with any other methods. There are 2 ways Wise Transfer works:

a. Direct Bank Transfer

First of all, Wise has allowed us to open virtual bank accounts in any country. We are now able to accept Direct Bank Transfers (US bank to US bank, UK bank to UK bank and Australian bank to Australian bank). If you are interested to pay via bank transfer, all we have to do it provide you with our bank details, and you can directly transfer your payment to our bank.

b. Wise to Wise Transfer

The customer can also open a Wise account or download the Wise App to make easy payments.

The way it works is very straightforward. You open an account at or download the Wise App, verify your account with a phone number and an email address, and you are good to go.

Say, you are ordering $200.00 worth of medications. All you have to do is add $200.00 to your Wise account (You may use a credit card or Bank App to upload the money).

At this point, there is a small charge, but we also offer a 15% discount for Wise Transfers, so you will save a lot more. It may cost $202.50 to add $200.00 to your account.

From our end, we’ll send you a Wise Invoice worth $200.00. You can click the invoice link and complete the payment. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete the process.

For details, please read our article:

Wise- A New and Exciting Way to Pay

3. MoneyGram


MoneyGram is another excellent payment method. On the pharmacy side, we can get the money instantly and ship your order faster. MoneyGram also has fewer restrictions, and one person can receive many MoneyGrams at a time. On the Pharmacy side, we can assign one person to pick up several transactions.

On the customer side, it is also very safe. There are two ways to process MoneyGramOnline and Offline. You can use your credit card to pay via MoneyGram Online. Your statement will only show that you paid Moneygram and no more. Where you are sending the money or to whom won’t appear. That makes it safe for customers without prescriptions.

You can also process MoneyGram offline from an agent location and Walmarts.

If you choose to pay using MoneyGram, we send you a receiver name and a step-by-step guide on how to process the payment. We also offer a 15% discount for MoneyGram payments.

4. Western Union

western union

Our fourth favorite option would be Western Union. It is also a very reliable method. Customers can process it online or offline just like MoneyGram. Yet, one reason it ranks lower than MoneyGram is that on the pharmacy side, one person can’t receive multiple Western Union at a time. If we pick up one, the other one would get canceled so we have to assign different people to pick up different transactions.

From the customer’s point of view, it is not that hard. Just like Moneygram, Western Union agent offices are everywhere so that you can process it offline. You can also go to and create an online account.

You may pay online using your credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Your account statement will show “Western Union” so customers without prescriptions are safe.

We also offer a 15% discount, and we send a very easy step-by-step instructions mail if you choose to pay with WU.

Mainstream Payment Methods (MPMs)

[5. Credit Card] [6. PayPal]

5. Credit Card

Credit Cards

More than 60% of our customers prefer this method. It’s really easy on the customer side. All you have to do is input your credit card number and press “Pay” and you are good to go. The reason online pharmacies don’t prefer this method is that the risk is both on the customer and on the pharmacy.

In order to process credit cards online, we need a “Credit Card Merchant (Processor)”. It’s fine. Most banks offer it. Yet, before clearing all the transactions, and transferring the money to our bank account, we must provide them with invoices. That means every sale will have a record.

It’s still not a problem for us, but if the customer has no prescription, we can’t produce the invoice for that particular sale. That’s why we sometimes have to fake it. That is a risk on our part. That is also the reason, we can’t attach the payment gateway to the website itself (Like other online stores when you choose Credit Card as your payment option, it brings you directly to a payment page). If we do that, the CC merchant will know exactly what medications you ordered because that software has the ability to generate the invoice of sale right there and then. So we send the invoice separately via email after the order has been placed.

Additionally, it can take months before we receive the money. On the customer side, you have paid, and you expect your shipment. On our side, we have shipped your order, filed the invoices, and will wait for a month to get that money.

Also, there is a thing called “Chargeback”. A customer can file a chargeback if he/she is not satisfied with the product. This is probably the reason why most customers like credit cards. It provides them with some sort of guarantee. What the customers don’t know is that if they file a chargeback, we have to provide the credit card merchant with all the details of the order.

We may even have to disclose the content of the package. It puts the customers without prescriptions at a bigger risk with the law enforcement. When a bank or a Credit Card merchant finds out that you have purchased prescription medications without prescriptions, they are legally required to report it to the local authority such as the DEA. That’s why we recommend that you choose “credit card” as your payment option if you have a valid prescription.

On our side, for safety purposes, we may inform the Credit Card Merchant that it is a “Service” and not a “Product“. That way, we can produce a safer invoice. However, the merchant just won’t take our word for it so they may ask the customer (via email) if indeed it was a “service“. If you get a mail like that, we request that you reply with a “Yes“. It will help us process your order easily and we don’t have to provide the merchant with your order details.

Since a lot of customers order via credit card, and the money remains “on hold” for a long time, we have recently adopted a policy. We won’t ship until the money is released and in our hands. We hope you understand our situation. If 100 customers order via credit cards and we ship 100 packages with thousands of medications, our company will surely go bankrupt as we have to pay for those medications, the postage, and yet, we don’t have the money in hand.

On the guarantee part, we have a pretty effective refund and reshipment policy. In case you are unsatisfied with our products, you may file for a refund or reshipment request directly to us. As a matter of fact, you agree to those terms and conditions when you place an order. Kindly read our “Terms and Conditions” well.

6. PayPal


The last of all the online payment services is PayPal.  Although it is very secure when you make the payment (It has a secure payment page), the transaction itself is not very secure. Any government, government subcontractors, and even some non-government organizations can see the transactions.

PayPal allows backdoor access to them. We have literally experienced it where a government sub-contractor called LegitScript gained access to our PayPal transactions. When we asked PayPal about it, they didn’t give any explanation. They froze 6 of our accounts with thousands of dollars in them.

If not to family members, PayPal to Paypal transfers take a long time. Once a customer has paid, it will take at least 21 days for us to get that money. Not only that, PayPal won’t release the money to us until we have provided PayPal with the tracking number of the shipment.

Although PayPal doesn’t know the content of the package, it tracks the packages. That’s why, for safety (with customer permission), we inform PayPal that the transaction is for a “service” and not a “product” to avoid providing them with the tracking number.

And finally, just like “Chargeback”, PayPal has “Dispute”. If you file one because you are unsatisfied with the product, we have to disclose everything to PayPal, which may involve the content of the package.

Therefore, we recommend having a prescription when you order using PayPal, and if you are really unsatisfied with our products, please follow the refund and reshipment policies. We’ll refund your money. Just don’t take the risk of filing a “Dispute”. It’ll put you in the same kind of problem as CC merchant and may bring the law enforcement down on you.

Also, just like credit cards, we have recently adopted the rule that until the money is released, we won’t be able to ship. Please check out our Terms and Conditions page for details.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Now you know why online pharmacy payment systems are different than a regular online store. It is what it is, and we deal with it by protecting ourselves and our customers. One thing we can say is that at EuroMeds One, we’ll do our best to make the experience easy for you.

We encourage you to try any of the Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) rather than the mainstream methods. It’ll save you and the pharmacy a lot of fo trouble.

Our customer support is top of the line, and they are well-oriented on all the payment systems. If you encounter any difficulties, just let us know and one of our agents can guide you through the process over the phone, via email, or on the OnSite Chat.

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How to Set Up a BitCoin Wallet: A step-by-step Guide

how to set up a bitcoin wallet

Many people know of Bitcoin (BTC) but think it a ‘Nerd Only‘ zone- so not true. This is an easy step-by-step guide on how to set up a Bitcoin wallet for non-nerds. Modern technology, especially smartphones, has made Bitcoin really handy.

This article will not go into the deep end of the history of Bitcoin and how to mine it. Rather, it’ll focus on how to set up a Bitcoin wallet and how to use it.

What Is BitCoin?

Bitcoin or BTC is a crypto-currency. In other words, this is a type of digital currency that only exists online. It is protected and monitored by a fully automated technology called “BlockChain“- not a Central Bank.

That means that it is an independent currency that is without borders and not under any country’s jurisdiction. These coins can be mined by solving very complex mathematical problems in large computer systems, but as I said, we’ll not get into that.

How to Use Bitcoin?

The basic is that you buy some Bitcoins using your own country’s currency (USD, UKP, CAD) and save them on your digital wallet. And now you have a borderless currency that you can transfer to anyone who has another digital wallet.

It is as simple as getting cash out of your wallet and giving it to someone who will then put it in his/her wallet. All you need is the receiver’s wallet address. The beauty is that you can transfer it to your friend sitting next to you or to a person in the other part of the world without going through a difficult international bank transfer.

How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet?

Although an independent currency, you do want the ability to convert it into your own country’s currency so that you can cash it. That’s why different cryptocurrency vendors are affiliated with local banks allowing users to convert local currency to BTC and vice-versa.

In this part, we’ll only discuss CoinBase.Com. It is one of the biggest and the best coin vendor and wallet provider in the world with many affiliated banks in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and France.

Note: If you are a Cash.App user in the USA, you don’t even have to set up a BTC account. Simply watch this video for easy BTC transfer:

Like all financial services, you would need an ID verification for CoinBase, so before you begin, you should take a picture of a valid government ID to be used later. If you are using a driver’s license, take 2 pictures (Front and Back). If you want to use your passport, take one picture of the page that contains your passport photo, and signature.

Steps to set up a CoinBase Account

  • Go to
  • Choose the option “Get Started“.
  • Use your full name, email, and password to open your new account.
  • CoinBase will send you an email verification. Check your mail and verify it.
  • It’ll bring you to a page where you need to input your phone number. Once you have put your phone number, CoinBase will send you an SMS with a code to verify your phone. Input the code and verify.
  • The next step is your ID verification. You will be automatically directed to your ID verification. There will be the option to upload your ID picture/s.
  • Once uploaded, it’ll take CoinBase 1-2 hours to verify your ID. You do not have to stay around- simply wait for the email.
  • CoinBase will send you an email that your “ID has been verified” and on that same mail, there will be a button that says “Add Card” to begin transactions. Click that button and add your debit or credit card. (It should be a Master or Visa card and has to be personal, whose name appears on the ID. (Corporate cards are not yet allowed.)
  • And you are all set. Now you have to ability to send, receive, buy, and sell BTC and other cryptocurrencies supported by CoinBase.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

Now that you have your account fully set up and verified, you can begin transactions using BTC, but first, you have to buy some coins. On the top left of your Coinbase page, you can see the “Buy & Sell” tab. From here, you can buy BTC or any other cryptocurrencies using your credit or debit card. Once you have bought, you can see that balance on your portfolio page. If you choose to buy using your card, the crediting is instant. If you choose to buy using your bank account, it can take 2 days for the coins to be credited to your wallet.

How to Send and Receive Bitcoin?

As I mentioned before, it’s as simple as taking cash out of your wallet and giving it to someone. To send coins to another, you need his or her wallet address. To receive coins, you need to give your wallet address to the others so that they can send coins to your wallet.

  • Go to the “Portfolio” page of your CoinBase account. Scroll down and you can see all your wallets (BTC, Ehterium, Litecoin, etc).
  • Click a Wallet such as Bitcoin (BTC). You will see the “Send” and “Receive” options. Click “Receive” to see your own wallet address. Your wallet address is two things- one is a QR code and the other is the Physical BlockChain Address. The QR Code looks like this:

BTC Wallet New

If a person is near you and wants to send you money, he/she can just scan your QR code and send the coins to your wallet.

The Physical BlockChain Address looks like this:


If a person is far away from you, you can simply copy this wallet address from your account and send it to the other person via email, messenger, SMS, or any other media. The sender then copies the wallet address and sends coins from his/her wallet to yours.

  • Now try clicking the “Send” option on your BTC Wallet. You will see a box to input the receiver’s wallet address and amount to be sent. If you are sending money to others, simply get their wallet address and paste it here.


Note: It is important to remember that BTC can only be transferred to another BTC wallet and vice versa. If someone gives you a BTC wallet address and you send Ehterium or Litecoin, the coins can be lost, so BTC to BTC and Eth to Eth. If you only have BTC and someone asks for Eth, you should convert your BTC to Eth first and then send it from your Eth wallet. The same applies to all other currencies.

How to Download the App?

Yes, you can download the CoinBase wallet app on your phone and link it to your CoinBase account for easier transactions. With the app, you will also have the ability to scan other’s QR code and send money easily. Others can also easily scan your QR code on your phone and send you money. You can download the app from the links below:

App Store BTC App

Google PlayStore BTC app

It’s important to remember that the App is a separate thing with a separate password. You need to link the app to your CoinBase account so that the app can access your wallets on CoinBase. You can find the link option easily on the app once you have downloaded and installed it. You can then use the email and the password of your CoinBase account to link the app.

Linking a Bank Account and a PayPal Account

Log in to your CoinBase account and on the top right, find the profile button “Picture logo” and choose “Settings“. On your profile settings, you will see many options and one of them would be “Linked Accounts“. On this page, you can link a bank account and a PayPal account so that you can withdraw your money. PayPal withdrawal is instant while bank accounts take 2 business days.

Always remember to convert your BTC, Eth, or Litecoin to USD first before making a withdrawal request.

Ease of Use

You might be thinking “Why go through all these troubles?“, and the answer is once you get used to it, it’s so worth it to do your transactions in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. At first, these things might seem complicated, but once you are familiar, you will find it very easy to use. So, open an account, download the app an play around a little. Click different options to familiarize yourself, and you’ll know your way around in no time.

You can use Bitcoin to purchase things online and offline. Many stores accept BTC so all you have to do is scan with your phone and pay without ever having to expose your credit card. You can receive money from your friends and family from far away. You can send money to anyone who has a wallet even if he/she is in Africa. It takes the same time and no effort at all.

If you have a local business, you can also start accepting payments via BTC. Just print out your wallet QR code and put it near the cashier so that others can scan it. You can receive money from your online business without having a credit card merchant.

How to Make Money Using Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

We said we wouldn’t go into much of the details, but you have already got the wallet so you might as well learn how to make some money out of it. Making money from Cryptocurrencies is like investing in the stock market. The value of cryptocurrencies goes up and down quite frequently. Your CoinBase account will allow you to track them (“Price” page). You can track multiple currencies at the same time with graph analysis.

The idea is simple. When a coin price goes down, you buy it. When it’s up, you sell it. And since your wallet supports multiple currencies (BTC, ETH, Litecoin, etc), you can simply convert them from one wallet to another.

Let’s say, the price of BTC is up while Eth is down, you can convert your BTC into Eth and get a big amount of Eth for a low price. Then Eth starts to go up and Litecoin goes down. You can convert the Eth to Litecoin and get an even bigger amount of Litecoin. Finally, when the Litecoin goes up as well, you can convert Litecoin into USD and transfer it to your bank account. You will end up with a pretty large profit. Start with a small amount like $200.00 and see if you can do it. If you understand the graphs well, you can do pretty good and can invest more money later.

You can analyze the graphs for a day, week, month, or a year. The options are available on your CoinBase account. All you have to do is understand from the graphs how different coins behave and you’ll get it.

There are also ways to “Go Big” where you start to mine Bitcoins with machines or invest heavily in people who know how to mine cryptocurrencies. However, that truly is the “Nerd Only” zone. You cannot do it unless you are technically efficient.

Why Do Online Pharmacies Prefer Bitcoin (BTC)?

Almost all online pharmacies, including EuroMeds One, prefer Bitcoin or BTC pay because it is safe and secure for the customers and for the pharmacy. With Credit Cards, PayPal, and other regular methods, the banks or Paypal always know what you have ordered and where you have purchased things, and it shows up on your credit card statements. That can be troublesome for people who order medications online without prescriptions.

For BTC, that is not at all the case. You can use your card to buy BTC. After that, where you send the coins is no longer the bank’s business. You also do not expose your credit card number to the pharmacy. There are plenty of fraudulent pharmacies online that will get your credit card info and use it for who knows what. You are 100% safe when you choose to pay for your orders with BTC, and at EuroMeds One, we offer a 15% discount when you process your payment via Bitcoin.